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Accessories (Demo)

Created for each commercial tankless hot water heater model, our accessories are designed and manufactured to support all hot water applications. Each Noritz tankless water heater comes with certain accessories, and depending on the application, additional parts may be required. If you have any questions, please contact a Noritz representative for more information.

Remote Controller

Tankless Water Heater Accessories: Remote Controller Set the temperature of the water that comes out of your faucets and showers. Access temperature lockout safety feature to avoid scalding hot water to come out of your faucet.
(Remote Controller included with heater purchase.)
PART #: RC-7649M
PART #: RC-7650M (for Canada)
PART #: RC-7651 (for US and Canada)
Specification Sheet

Remote Controller Cord

Tankless Water Heater Accessories: Remote Controller Cord The 26 ft. remote controller cord is perfect if you need to place the remote at a more convenient location in your home.
10 ft. cord
(10 ft. cord is included with unit)
26 ft. cord
Specification Sheet

Remote Outdoor Junction Box

Tankless Water Heater Accessories: Remote Outdoor Junction Box
The remote controller outdoor junction box is necessary when installing the tankless water heater outdoors.
PART #: 0700757

Pipe Cover

Tankless Water Heater Accessories: Pipe Cover
To help protect your plumbing pipes from freezing temperatures or if you just prefer not to see the plumbing underneath the tankless water heater, the Pipe Cover is your solution.
PART #: PC-3S, PC-1S, 2S, 2S-GRY, 3S-SUS, 4S-SUS, 5S, 5S-GRY
Specification Sheet
Installation Manual

Quick-Connect Cable

Tankless Water Heater Accessories: Quick-Connect Cable The Quick-Connect cable is used to link two identical tankless water heaters together. This allows both heaters to communicate with each other using only one remote controller.
PART #: QC-1, QC-2
Specification Sheet
Installation Manual

Scale Shield

Tankless Water Heater Accessories: Scale Shield Noritz brand water treatment. Protects your unit from lime scale build up and corrosion. The compact size allows for easy installation. (includes 1 cartridge)
Specification Sheet
Installation Manual

H2Flow Anti-Scale System

Tankless Water Heater Accessories: H2Flow Designed for all water heater types and models regardless of manufacturer. Prevents the formation of scale to improve efficiency and prolongs the life of the water heater. Uses no salt or chemicals and provides a more environmentally friendly alternative to water softeners.
Low maintenance- replace the H2FLOW cartridge once every 2 years.
Includes standard 3/4″ connections with an inlet ball valve for quick and easy servicing. (Includes 1 cartridge each)
Specification Sheet
Installation Manual

Recess Box

Tankless Water Heater Accessories: Recess Box Designed to give more square footage inside the home.
PART #: RB-500, RB-600, RB-700, RB-900
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