Noritz Courses Now IACET Accredited (Demo)

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Noritz doesn’t just make tankless water heaters, we also provide education on them for plumbers and engineers. Our training courses are now IACET accredited—and that makes a big difference for our customers.

Did you know that besides making high quality tankless water heaters, Noritz also offers instructional classes? We have become a major provider of formal training courses for HVAC professionals to learn the ropes of tankless water heating technology. And as of May, these courses are now accredited by a major adult education body, the IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training).

The IACET is responsible for setting quality standards and making sure that continuing education courses will truly live up to the expectations and needs of students. Only organizations accredited by the IACET can offer courses with Continuing Education Unit credit. Authorized CEU serves as a way to make sure that technical training from different providers lives up to a uniform set of standards.

At Noritz, our training classes are aimed at a variety of professionals: engineers, plumbers, technicians and anyone who works in HVAC design, installation or repair. The fact that we are now IACET accredited means that the professionals who take our classes not only walk away with new knowledge, but with a certified set of training that will be recognized by other institutions.

We originally established our training courses to address a lack of information in the industry about tankless water heaters. Offering this training is meant to benefits three groups of people:

  • Noritz customers. One of the most important resources we offer to our customers is a lookup service to find certified Noritz installation specialists in your area. By offering this training, we increase the number of professionals who can install Noritz products.
  • The plumbers and engineers themselves. Increasingly, plumbers and repairmen will find themselves looking at tankless water heaters, while engineers and HVAC professionals have more and more clients requesting this technology. It is to the advantage of anyone in the HVAC field to be well versed in tankless heaters and know how to implement or repair them.
  • Homeowners generally. Tankless water heaters are simply a better technology than traditional water heaters: longer lasting, more convenient, cheaper to run and better for the planet. By increasing the number of professionals who work on these units, we improve the offerings available to homeowners everywhere.

At Noritz we want to be more than just a tankless water heater provider. We want to be champions for a technology we believe in. Going through the IACET application and accreditation process was rigorous and difficult, and we’re proud to have passed. It means we are providing only the highest quality education and that our customers will have more options than ever before.

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