Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Talks About The Value of Noritz Tankless (Demo)

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Promotes Noritz Water Heaters
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a full-service provider of residential plumbing with locations spread across the United States. In particular, its Chandler, AZ, franchise stands out for its focus on providing customers the energy and performance benefits of tankless water heaters.

Michael Smith has been Operations Manager of the Chandler location for the past 11 years, overseeing a staff of 10 technicians, two installers and two apprentices. Upon arrival in 2005, Smith spearheaded the company’s acceptance and promotion of tankless water heating technology.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Talks About The Value of Noritz Tankless
“I wanted to be an innovator for our company and offer customers the continuous hot water and energy savings of tankless water heaters,” says Smith. To accomplish this, he placed a heavy emphasis on training his employees in tankless and taking advantage of any technical representatives visiting the area—especially those from Noritz.
“To me, Noritz tankless water heaters became the best thing since sliced bread for their simplicity, style and design,” explains Smith. “We take great pride in explaining to our customers, who are often not familiar with tankless or are turned off by the higher upfront costs, that it saves energy and will pay for itself down the road. Customers are also drawn to the space savings gained by not needing a large tank, and they also like the interchangeable parts and ease-of-control.”

Today, Noritz is the only brand of tankless water heater that Smith’s company installs. “One competitor actually offered to give each of our technicians a free tankless water heater if we switched from Noritz to them,” recalls Smith. “We graciously declined.”
Over the past several years, Smith has seen growing tankless sales, as customers recognize the technology’s many benefits. Currently, Smith estimates that one-third of his monthly sales are tankless water heaters. “Also attractive to customers are the long warranties and the fact that we provide annual maintenance work,” he says.

One particular model that Smith praises is the EZTR40 condensing tankless water heater. “It’s phenomenally easy to install with its top-of-unit, hot- and cold-water connections and its ability to use the same venting and gas line as the old tank type it replaces,” he says. “A single installer can typically install an EZTR40 in only three to five hours.”

Case Study: Mesa Arizona
Recently, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing demonstrated the value of tankless water heaters in a Mesa, AZ, residential application. A homeowner had two aged, 75-gallon tank-style water heaters servicing a roughly 7,500-square-foot house with seven bathrooms. When one water heater burst, the owner called Mark Felice, Field Supervisor at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Chandler, who recommended replacing both with Noritz NRCP1112-DV-NG tankless water heaters for their built-in recirculating pumps and stainless steel heat exchangers.

The units’ installation lasted six hours with three installers, and there were no complications. By choosing tankless, the homeowner is saving an estimated $700 per year in energy costs and no longer needs to worry about bursting storage tanks full of hot water.
It’s just one example, out of the roughly 120 installs per year, of how tankless water heaters are helping Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Chandler provide exceptional service and long-term value to its customers.

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