At Last: A Direct Tankless Replacement for Larger Tank Water Heaters (Demo)

Minimizing installation time and costs on a job is the Holy Grail for contractors in any field. Plumbing is no exception. Noritz recognizes this and places a priority on developing superior, yet simple, water heating solutions that will make your life easier.

The latest such solution is the EZ Series of high-efficiency, condensing tankless water heaters, consisting of the Energy Star-rated EZ98-DV and EZ111-DV. Engineered expressly for the North American residential market, these ultra-high-efficiency tankless units offer faster, easier, less costly replacement of larger tank water heaters.

You may have heard of the EZTR40 and how it revolutionized the water heating industry with its top-mount water connections and ability to use the same venting and gas line as the 40-gallon storage tank water heater it’s replacing. The EZ98 and EZ111 are the EZTR40’s bigger cousins, containing those same time-saving features and able to directly replace 50- and 75-gallon tank water heaters, respectively. Now, you can simply and quickly replace virtually any size residential tank water heater with a corresponding EZ tankless unit.

Take a closer look at these two new water heaters:

  • The EZ98-DV has a maximum input of 180,000 BTUs per hour (BTU/hr) and a maximum flow rate of 9.8 gallons per minute (gpm), making it generally suitable for homes with up to three baths.
  • The EZ111-DV, with inputs up to 199,900 BTU/hr and flow rates to 11.1 gpm, is intended for homes with up to four baths.

Here are some of the flexible, time-saving features of these heaters:

  • Top-mounted water connections that allow the flexible water lines used by the previous tank heater to be quickly and easily reconnected to the new unit. Not only does this save time and money traditionally spent purchasing and running new plumbing around the unit, but it also gives the final application a cleaner look.
  • Multiple venting options that include outdoor, dual- or single-pipe (made of PVC or CPVC), as well as two-inch Flex, which can be fed through the existing B-Vent — again saving time and material.
  • The capability to use the same half-inch gas line as the tank units they are replacing, depending on incoming gas pressure and the distance of the water heater from the gas meter.

Other useful features include WiFi-capability, dual stainless steel heat exchangers that are resistant to corrosion, and a nitrogen-oxide emissions level of only 14 parts per million (ppm) — far exceeding the South Coast Air Quality Management District requirement of 20 ppm.

Individual or Combo Meal?

To better meet contractors’ and end users’ needs, the new EZ models can be purchased individually as the EZ98 and EZ111 for indoor or outdoor installation, or as part of a bundle package that includes most everything you need for an indoor installation.

The bundle packages are called EZTR50, for the EZ98; and EZTR75, for the EZ111. Besides the water heater, each package contains a flex vent conversion kit (25 feet of two-inch flex), an isolation valve kit, and a startup guide.

In short, it’s a win-win scenario, no matter how you purchase the EZ models. By themselves, the units offer contractors total flexibility in venting and indoor/outdoor installation. The bundle allows for direct indoor replacement without having to even think about sizing — just buy and replace.

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Both units will become available for shipment in May 2017.