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Gas Utility

Noritz is committed to providing the best in tankless water heaters on the market. Gas tankless water heaters provide a significant advantage over electric tankless water heaters, in both environmental impact and increased efficiency—which adds up to significant utility cost savings.


The capacity of a gas tankless water heater is typically far greater than that of an electric unit. Gas heats water about 50% faster than electric, yielding a higher flow rate and substantial cost savings to the consumer.


Because of the way it is extracted, processed and delivered, gas arrives at the home at 90% efficiency, compared to the 27% efficiency of an electric unit.

Once the gas reaches its destination, a natural gas water heater releases:

  • Less carbon dioxide (a major greenhouse gas)
  • Less sulfur dioxide (a major cause of acid rain and haze)
  • Less nitrogen oxide (the primary cause of smog)
  • Zero mercury emissions (causes some fish to be unsafe to eat)

With the highest efficiency of any model on the market, Noritz gas tankless water heaters are a smart choice for the planet and your pocketbook.