Professional Builder Show Features EZSERIES

Noritz Showcases EZ Series at the Professional Builder Show Village at IBS

The EZ98 will be featured in the Show Village at the International Builders’ Show to demonstrate tankless heaters for homes and Noritz’s industry-leading 25-year warranty. 

Established in 1998, The International Builders’ Show (IBS) is well-known as the biggest light-construction show in the world for residential builders, architects and remodeling contractors. To be held February 19-21, this event will also welcome over 1,500 of the top manufacturers and suppliers from around the globe to showcase the latest industry innovations.

To better show how effective tankless waters are for residential applications, Noritz will again participate in the event’s Show Village, an event produced by Professional Builder and SGC Horizon. This part of the show allows attendees to tour demonstration homes and experience new products firsthand, allow them an opportunity to see how beneficial the tankless technology of Noritz is.

“In this event, our primary goal is to show how Noritz is the ideal solution for current and future home-building efforts,” says Sammy Alvarado, Marketing Assistant for Noritz America.

With a Uniform Energy Factor of .96, the EZ98 includes top-mount water connections, maximum venting flexibility and the possibility of reusing the existing tank unit’s half-inch gas line. While these features are not so critical in a new-construction situation, they can dramatically cut the installation time and cost when replacing a storage tank-type water heater in an existing home.

The EZ98 is also compatible with the Noritz Connect app, allowing users remote control of the heater’s functions. The unit also contains a stainless steel heat exchanger, offering greater resistance to corrosion and scale buildup

Like all EZ Series heaters, the EZ98 is protected by Noritz’s unprecedented 25-year warranty. Effective January 1, this new warranty is a full decade longer than the longest warranty currently on the market in North America and more than double Noritz’s previous warranty on the EZ Series.

“The EZ Series was designed with the North American water heater replacement market in mind,” Alvarado says. “We want buyers to have the best-quality materials to ensure that they get the most out of tankless technology.”

Because of Las Vegas’ comparatively warmer climate, the Show Village installation will feature an outdoor model. Equivalent in size to a piece of carry-on luggage, the compact EZ98 can be installed almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors, taking up significantly less space than a conventional storage tank-type water heater. 

“Tankless water heaters make up close to 15 percent of the residential water heater market but there are still many individuals who do not know how beneficial this technology can be,” Alvarado says. “Our hope with the Show Village is that people will be able to see this product in action and become aware of a more energy-efficient technology that can help them.”

For more information on the new warranty and other Noritz products that will be at the show, please visit: You can also visit booth N1477 at The International Builders’ Show for more information.

You can also find videos that provide in-depth information on tankless technology by clicking: