Noritz Road Trip: Q&A (Demo)

Over the last two months our Road Trip team has been hard at work, travelling from coast to coast and visiting Noritz wholesalers and installers to talk about our brand new EZTR. We caught up with the team leads, Kevin Tague & Lance Bailey to ask them a few Q’s about their time on the road. Check it out:
Noritz Road Trip

  1. What was the most common question you received about the product?

L: Most common questions were a mix of venting applications and installing specifics.
K:  The most common question I got on the road was “How much?” We have no set pricing yet but pricing ranges that we did run by our installers seemed in line with their expectations considering the entire EZTR40 unit includes venting, isolation valves, and vent attachments for the unit and on the roof.
Noritz Road Trip

  1. How was life on the road?

L: Life on the road was fast. Honestly, the two months that I was out seemed to fly by, and now it’s almost Christmas! The organizers of the road trip and our sales team did an amazing job of making my life on the road as easy as possible.
K: Life on the road was different! It was exciting to see the new places and talk with new people every day.

  1. What was your favorite city to visit and why?

L:  I had a great time in Sarasota, FL. going to Siesta Key, etc.
K: I really liked the trip out to Arizona. I met and got to do events with our rep R&G Sales. They are a great group. It was also the right time of year, sunny and 80 degrees out every day. That was lucky.

  1. What are some of the responses you are getting on the new EZTR from installers and contractors?

L: Many are excited to try it and were asking when it would be available. Even though this is a smaller size to use the existing gas line, many plumbers are asking for larger capacities with the same venting system.
K: The main response we have gotten from installers have been things like:

  • “That’s easy”
  • “Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?”
  • “It’s about time you make it easier for us!”
  • “We are ready to put in a few now.”

Noritz Road Trip

  1. What are some of the key EZTR features you feel are important for installers to know?

L: That it is meant to fill a particular need, namely a tankless unit that is affordable for an average homeowner. The EZTR is not a solution to every tankless installation; rather it is a unit for tank replacements where utilizing the existing vent will save time and money. The rest of the Noritz line, such as the condensing units and/or outdoor units are still available for many applications.
K: The three main features that will save the installers a lot of time on the installation:
– Top mounted water connections
– Existing 1/2″ gas line
– Using the existing venting as our sleeve.
To learn more about the Noritz Road Trip, visit our Facebook page.
Noritz Road Trip

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