Noritz Launches its Heavyweight Tankless Water Heater

The NCC300 condensing tankless water heater is Noritz’s largest offering of its type, with a maximum BTUH input of 300,000.

Noritz has just launched the juggernaut of condensing tankless water heaters. The new NCC300 is designed for the largest commercial applications, with a BTUH input range of up to 300,000. Despite its vast performance capability, it still leaves a smaller footprint than other options.

[Note: Currently, the NCC300 is only available in California, Minnesota, and Florida]

Most Efficient Performance

The NCC300 is one of the most powerful tankless water heaters in the industry with a 97 percent thermal efficiency, a whopping 20:1 turndown ratio and an ultra-low NOx emissions rating. Its efficient performance makes it EPA ENERGY STAR® and AHRI certified. Commercial contractors and building owners can, therefore, qualify for generous gas rebates when choosing this unit for their applications.

Multi-System Space Savings

In multi-system commercial installations, the NCC300 saves up to 33 percent in space with its compact size and design, promoting simple installation for contractors and the ability to reclaim otherwise lost space.

Flexible Installation

The NCC300 can replace the non-condensing NCC380 models from Noritz within the same multi-system, including 5-inch stainless steel venting with a PVC-to-SS vent adaptor. It also has the ability to be outdoor wall-mounted. Whether installed outdoors or directly vented inside, the NCC300 can be joined to a multi-system of up to 24 units. It adapts to whatever the hot-water demand of the application is.


WiFi Enabled

Facility owners and managers can also control their NCC300 wirelessly with the Noritz Connect App for iTunes (available soon on Android devices).

As you can see, the robust performance of the NCC300 handles the toughest commercial applications without wasting energy or taking up much space. It comes with a five-year warranty on the stainless steel heat exchanger, a five-year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on reasonable labor.

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