Noritz: On the Forefront of Boiler Technology (Demo)

Besides providing the best in tankless, Noritz offers cutting-edge boiler

The boiler market is ever-changing. Builders, installers, and consumers are constantly seeking multifunctional products and technologies that are cost- and time-efficient while meeting and exceeding all current regulations.

Since Noritz believes that the key to survival is adaptation, we strive to be on the forefront of the evolving boiler market.

Noritz Innovates With Leading Edge TechnologyNoritz New Boiler Technology

To accomplish this, we have been adapting our boiler technology to provide end users and installers with systems designed with all of their needs in mind. For example, our CB Combination Boiler/Tankless Water Heater (Combi) provides not only space heating, but also domestic hot water on demand. Integration is the wave of the future, and the Combi houses two vital functions in a single, compact, wall-hung unit, saving the cost of an extra unit, as well as the floor space it would require.

That’s right—we’re finding that “less is more” in the boiler industry. Today’s homeowners want to address basic needs, such as heating, quickly, so they can spend more time on other home improvements. Similarly, contractors are seeking time-saving solutions with lower material and labor costs.

Our combination boilers are smaller than traditional cast iron boilers, which helps reduce installation costs. Their use of PVC or CPVC venting, instead of stainless steel, allows for further savings. Items we offer, such as isolator and manifold kits, make the plumbing easier and more time-efficient for the installer.

Noritz also includes an outdoor temperature reset with all CB units, which saves time and money spent on programming and operation. In fact, some regulations around the country actually require outdoor temperature gauges—we have incorporated them into our boiling system.

Noritz Responds to Customer Feedback

We also take our customers, and their recommendations, very seriously. After all, you are the ones either in the field installing the boilers or at home making use of them. One suggestion we took to heart and implemented in our combination boiler was the heating manifold.

The manifold is designed for the primary and secondary loops of the heating system. It allows the CB to distribute heat to the various zones much more quickly and efficiently.

Without this fully integrated component, installers would have to manufacture one themselves. That would raise costs and installation time. Including the manifold makes installation simpler and cost-efficient.

Noritz is excited to have entered the boiler market with its combination boiler—and we’re just getting started. We will be launching the WiFi-enabled NRCB unit in September, allowing simultaneous use of space and domestic water heating. Overall, we’re committed to discovering and implementing useful alternatives in the boiler market that will simplify life for installers and end users.

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