New Noritz America Product Page Makes Tankless Selection Easy (Demo)

noritz america product page

Find the correct tankless water heater with the new Noritz America product page

Selecting the right tankless water heater is important because the benefits—cost-savings and lower energy consumption—are dependent on choosing the right model, and you want to maximize these benefits. But how do you know you’re choosing the right model when there are quite a few things to consider? Well, now the pressure’s off! Use the Noritz America Product Page and find out.

Consumers and trade professionals now have the ability to search for exactly what they need, as well as compare their options on the new Noritz America Product Page. Similar to spreading out all of your information in front of you, the new Product Page lets you explore the options before making a decision—and therefore, ensuring you choose the right product for your needs and lifestyle.

By using the “Filter by Type” option, users can easily browse tankless water heater products in the ecoTough, proTough, valueSolutions, Commercial and Accessory lines.

• ecoTough: Innovative, high-efficiency line providing a lower carbon footprint
• proTough: A long lasting and optimized for any size home-size
• valueSolutions: A value solution for smaller sized homes and warm climate living
• Commerical: Precise and efficient options for any commercial project
• Accessories: Other items to make your tankless water heater run at its best

Wondering how to find a tankless water heater based on where you want it located? You can also filter by the venting–type to compare indoor and outdoor models from the four Noritz lines of tankless.

And the best part about using the new Product Page to search for and select your tankless water-heating product needs? You can compare models and accessories based on their individual characteristics, which ensures a confident final decision.

Using the “Compare” check box, you can select the models you want to compare in a grid that breaks down:

• Home size
• Indoor or Outdoor Unit Dimensions
• Weight
• Gas Consumption (NG and LP)
• Capacity Range
• Energy Factor
• Thermal Efficiency
• Temperature Settings
• Accessories

You can also check to see if your selection fits your lifestyle but using the Noritz Sizing Calculator, and find qualified installers in your market to quote the job and ensure you’re getting the right product for the right price: Everything you need to make an informed decision, thanks to Noritz.

For more information about Noritz products, please visit our products page.