Learn How to Install Tankless at Noritz’s Fountain Valley Training Center (Demo)

Noritz’s  Fountain Valley Training Center has expanded and upgraded its tankless water heater training facilities to offer free courses to contractors interested in continuing education.

For decades, tankless water heaters have been accepted and installed the world over. In recent years, the technology, recognized for its on-demand technology that saves both energy and space, has gained a solid foothold in North America, where it continues to grow.

Now, plumbing contractors are welcome to get ahead of the game by bolstering their tankless water heating knowledge and skill sets at the newly renovated Noritz training center in the company’s Fountain Valley, CA, headquarters.

Noritz Training Center Room Noritz Training Facility


“We’ve remodeled our facility to better accommodate a classroom setting for our plumbers,” says Sammy Alvarado, marketing assistant at Noritz. The upgrades include an expanded training room that accommodates roughly 25 students, additional television sets for visual learners and a new projector.

Various free courses cover topics ranging from new customer training and residential installations to condensing technology and commercial troubleshooting. Each course lasts approximately 1-1/2 to 3 hours. “Contractors who have completed our standard course offerings can advance to more personalized, in-depth courses to help them truly master tankless technology,” says Alvarado.

Noritz Training Center Kiosk



Get a leg up on the competition

With the acceptance of tankless water heaters growing in the North American market, contractors who learn the technology’s ins and outs are bound to have a competitive advantage. What’s more, as part of the Noritz PROCard program, contractors earn credits that boost their Noritz Power Rankings, so that they appear higher on installer listings on the company’s website.

>> Learn more about Noritz’s PROCard program

“Contractor-attendees become certified to work on Noritz heaters, just like our in-house techs,” explains Alvarado. “The courses make contractors more marketable by demonstrating that they have the training and knowledge to work on Noritz heaters and are able to tackle almost any issue.”


Noritz Training Facilities


For contractors unable to travel to Fountain Valley or to the company’s other training center in Marietta, GA, Noritz product trainers can come to them. These trainers will bring actual heaters and other training material to contractors’ local wholesalers or facilities, just as if they were at one of the training centers.

Noritz Training Center And Facilities Noritz Tankless Water Heaters

“Noritz makes professional development free and convenient for the forward-thinking contractor,” says Alvarado.

To learn more about Noritz training sessions and the next generation of water heater installations, visit https://training.noritz.com/.  

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