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How A Commercial Tankless Water Heater Could Benefit Your Business (Demo)


Tankless heaters aren’t just for homes anymore. Here are four ways a commercial tankless heater can help your business—and save you money.

Often when we talk about the advantages of tankless water heaters, we frame the conversation in terms of the home consumer. But increasingly businesses are switching to tankless as well. Why? Well, here are four major benefits a tankless heater brings:

  1. Save money on water heating. Without a doubt the biggest benefit of a tankless water heater to any business is the one that affects your bottom line. Tankless heaters run more efficiently than traditional water heaters and they cost less to run. This savings happens twice over: first because the tankless unit itself is more efficient when heating up any given quantity of water, and second because it only heats water when you need it. A traditional heater keeps burning energy to heat up the tank over and over, even during low demand periods. Tankless eliminates the waste and business owners can see the difference in their energy bills.
  2. Keep up with demand. No matter how big the tank, with enough customers and enough faucets running a traditional heater will eventually run out. With tankless, when you choose a unit with enough capacity for your needs, there is no such thing as running out of hot water. It heats up however much you need, when you need it. For small businesses this can be as simple as a small tankless unit with enough capacity for a single family home. But even for high demand businesses like a large restaurant, there are tankless heaters that can keep your water steaming hot indefinitely.
  3. Show your dedication to the environment. As an energy saving appliance, a tankless water heater is green technology and showcases your dedication to the earth. Not only does that appeal to more and more customers, it can also save you money, helping you qualify for LEED credits and local or state rebates and tax incentives.
  4. Get more years of hot water. Any appliance you put in your business will wear out eventually, and maintaining or replacing them is a big part of the cost associated with the space. Tankless heaters offer a big advantage in this regard: they are very low-maintenance units, and they typically last years longer than their traditional counterparts. That means savings.

What kind of hot water capacity does your business need? What has you considering going tankless?