Get Noritz Tech Support Without Any Hassle (Demo)

Noritz Tech Support To The Rescue

One of life’s most frustrating experiences is being put on hold for an indeterminate amount of time when calling any company’s customer service number, be it for a malfunctioning cable box, “blue screen of death” on your computer or a malfunctioning water heater. For this reason, Noritz has updated its technical support system to serve customers in a faster, more efficient and more predictable manner.

Here are some of our new technical support features:
Streamlined Menu: Nothing is more irritating than calling a company and not knowing which extension or department to reach. For this reason, we customercarelores have condensed our greeting to allow customers to get to the appropriate department quickly and easily. The top three cues are at the top of the menu: Press 1 for Tech Support and Warranty Claims; Press 2 for Sizing; Press 3 for Sales and Parts Ordering.

Useful Announcements: It’s true—we have only a limited number of technical support agents, and sometimes we have to put our customers on hold. But, unlike those places that play 1980s elevator music while you wait, we try to offer some value. You will hear our support website address where you can go find technical documentation, warranty status, troubleshooting and frequently asked questions.

During this waiting time, you can also double-check that you have everything you need for us to help you as efficiently and effectively as possible. Here’s a brief checklist:
 Your name and/or company name.
 Your reference ID number (if you’re calling back).
 The model number and serial number of the product that you are servicing.
 In addition, you will need to be in front of the product with a Phillips screw driver, manometer and multimeter.

Estimated Wait Times: One of the worst aspects of getting put on hold is the wait-time uncertainty. If you know it will be a long wait, you might hang up and call back. But if you don’t, you will likely stay on the line hoping that, any second, someone will answer. Oftentimes, this leads to long waits and wasted time. Fortunately, Noritz now offers estimated wait times, which update every minute. That way you at least know where you stand. Furthermore, Noritz does callbacks if you find you are unable to stay on the line. So there’s no pressure to wait at all.

While these improvements are meant to help callers waiting on hold, our first priority is, and always will be, to answer every call as quickly as possible while giving our customers the best service. We are continually working on training our teams so that we can provide superior support for a superior product.
Contact Noritz at 1-866-766-7489.