Get More Space With A Noritz Tankless Water Heater (Demo)

Get More Space With Tankless Water Heating 

Get More Space With A Tankless Water Heater
Get More Space With A Tankless Water Heater

Owning a home creates a constant struggle between buying more furnishings, appliances and other amenities, yet still having enough space to live. And the longer you reside in a home, the more amenities you are bound to accumulate.

Some of these necessities will take up a lot of space, and there’s little you can do—your washer and dryer, for example. Fortunately, there are items that you only think must be space killers, but not really. That large, hulking tank water heater in your basement or garage is a prime example. Tankless water heaters, like those from Noritz, are a space-saving alternative that is also more energy-efficient and accommodating than their tank counterparts.

No Tank

Instead of heating stored water in a large tank throughout the day, regardless of demand, tankless water heaters use a powerful burner to quickly super-heat water only when you turn on a faucet, shower or an appliance. No tank means a major burden is literally lifted off your home’s floor space. Because Noritz tankless water heaters are wall-hung, it’s also easier to conceal them behind a partition or inside a closet, leaving more room for your car, a washer and dryer, an indoor gym, etc.

No Bursts

No tank also means minimal threat of water leakage. With tank-type water heaters, leaks and bursts can occur after a buildup of rust, scale and mineral deposits over time, depending upon the hardness of the water in your locale. Although a tankless system is susceptible to scale buildup, you’ll never have to worry about the Great Flood making an encore appearance in your home because of a water-heater burst. Depending on the unit, a small amount of water will likely remain within the tankless heater after any shutdown, but not the 30 to 50 gallons found in a tank-type unit.

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No Waste

Unlike a tank water heater, which regularly burns energy to heat stored water, even when there’s no demand, a tankless heater activates only as needed As a result, you don’t waste precious energy all those hours when no one’s home. The payoff? — a great deal of savings on the water heating portion of your utility bill. Tankless water heaters also last longer than tank heaters, with lifespans of 20 years.

So remember, by choosing to go tankless, you can have more freedom and space in your life. More space for living. More space for saving.