Noritz Hot Picks


  1. Can I play from my mobile phone too?
    YES! Our game site is optimized for computers, tablets, and phones!
  2. The season has already started. Can I still join???
    YES! You are still eligible for weekly prizes. Make the perfect picks for the week and you can still win!
  3. Can I win more than once?
    YES! Because you’re so good!
  4.  Is it free to play?
    YES! It’s on the house.
  5. What If I forget to put in my picks.
    We’ll send you a weekly email to make your picks. Don’t worry!
  6.  What are the prizes?
    Weekly Prize: $50 amazon gift card
    1st Place is a big screen TV
    2nd Place is an EZ Series heater
    3rd Place a $100 amazon gift card
  7.  I’m in Canada. Am I eligible?
    Yes. If you win an Amazon gift card it will be for