Finding the Right Person For Your Noritz Tankless Installation (Demo)

Noritz Installer

Before installing anything in your home, you probably go through a research process to determine who is best qualified to successfully complete the job. You may browse the internet for contractor reviews or talk to neighbors for recommendations. Even though any contractor in a given field is probably capable of doing the job, you want one who has been vetted and proven to know his or her trade.

The same holds true a Noritz tankless installation. According to Jason Fleming, Sr. Marketing and Customer Care Manager for Noritz America, “Any contractor can install Noritz, but it is in your best interest to utilize contractors that have been trained to install and service Noritz products.”

The importance of a proper tankless water heater installation cannot be overemphasized. “Improper gas line sizing or venting, unclean or insufficient makeup air and cross lines in the plumbing are all potential installation mistakes that can be made if the contractor is not 100 percent knowledgeable,” warns Fleming. “The problem is that many of these mistakes will not present themselves immediately,” he adds.

Thus, your tankless installation may seem sound at first, but a few weeks or months down the road, the error messages might begin to crop up. “Ultimately, an improper installation will significantly reduce your tankless water heater’s life,” admits Fleming.

You might be wondering how on earth to locate an installing contractor who is familiar with Noritz products. After all, sometimes it’s a hassle just to verify that the contractor is insured. “We have developed an online dealer locator to make finding the ideal tankless installer quick and easy,” assures Fleming.

The dealer locator simply asks for your zip code and a distance radius ranging from two to 50 miles. Upon entering the information, you will receive a list of nearby Noritz installers and their contact information.

“Noritz trains contractors daily to ensure they have the most up to date information on our ever-changing product line,” concludes Fleming.  “Do your research and make sure your contractor is familiar with tankless, and familiar with Noritz.”