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Noritz EZTR Rebate 2016

Residential homeowners purchasing and installing qualifying Noritz EZTR products will qualify for the $150.00 rebate. New construction is not eligible unless the homeowner purchases the equipment directly from the dealer/propane marketer/contractor/installer.
By taking advantage of this offer, purchasing the EZTR40 can qualify you up to $350.00 in rebates:

Total $650.00 * Where applicable
Our industry leading product provides you the most complete answer to replacing a 40 gallon tank type water heater on the market. Now we make it a little easier…Consumers choose a tankless water heater over a traditional tank-style water heater for various number of reasons: endless hot water, up to 40% energy savings, the ability to use multiple hot water appliances at once, the unit’s long life, and small footprint. Noritz has provided yet another incentive to purchase…

Noritz has revolutionized the tankless industry with the new EZTR40. The EZTR vents with flexible vent directly through existing B-Vent with no need to spend time changing existing vent. Water connections are on the top of the heater so now you can use flex lines direct from the top like a tank. 1/2 inch gas line connection to existing line saves time and money. EZ tank replacement the way you always wanted it to be.