EZ Pay Financing

Three simple reasons to offer financing to your customers:

  1. You will consistently close more sales and have higher margins.
  2. Your customers want and need payment options.
  3. Your competitors are offering financing.

Adding financing to your box of closing tools is one of the easiest ways to see an increase in your business.  Customers aren’t typically expecting these types of expenses and probably haven’t planned for it.  By providing a turnkey solution you have made this purchase easy and simple….Just like our financing.
Once you register you can immediately start offering financing.  Promote financing in all of your marketing, on your trucks, proposals etc.  Then when it is time to close the sale it is as easy as:  “Would you like to pay with cash, check or choose one of our financing options?” or “Your new system is $150 per month over 3 years, we can start installation on Thursday.”  Now you have become not only the Water Heater solution, but also the payment solution.  And by choosing FTL Finance you can be confident in a product that is good for your customer.
Need more training?

• Take the webinars

• Use the “add the cost of financing to all of your tickets”  {same as cash/deferred interest programs have dealer costs}

• Use the calculators to show options