Provides the ability to convert NRCP models to be installed outdoors. Compatible with designated “OD/24” NRCP models only.

Remote Control

Digital precision remote controller allows you to set the water temperature and access the diagnostic mode. It features a safety temperature lockout to avoid scalding temperature. PART #: RC-7649M, RC-7650M, RC-9018M
RC-7649M: NR50, NR66, NR71, NR83, NR111
RC-9018M: NR981, NRC83, NRC98, NRC1111

Quick Connector Cord

The Quick-Connect cable is used to link two identical tankless water heaters together. This allows both heaters to communicate with each other using only one remote controller.
PART #: QC-1, QC-2

QC-1:  NR111

QC-2:  NR83-DVC, NRC98, NRC83, NR981, NRC1111, NCC1991, NC1991

Pipe Cover

To help protect your plumbing pipes from freezing temperatures or if you just prefer not to see the plumbing underneath the heater, the Pipe Cover is your solution.
PC-1S: NR50, NR66, NR71
PC-2S: NR98
PC-3S: NR111, NRC1111, NRC98, NRC83

Recess Box

For outdoor installation only. With the recess box, square footage will be reclaimed inside the home. The outdoor recess box eliminates venting while creating a clean installation virtually disappearing in the wall. This is perfect for new construction as well.

RB-500: NR66-OD, NR50-OD
RB-600: NR71-OD
RB-700: NR98-OD
RB-900: NRC1111-OD, NRC98-OD, NRC83-OD, NR111-OD



SS-HB-1: NR66, NR71NRC83, NRC98NR981

SS-HB-2: NRC111, NRC1111

Isolator Valve Kit

  • Complete inlet/outlet/pressure relief valve system that provides everything you need for a secure installation and flushing of the system with easy to install union connections.
  • Easy two step installation of your tankless water heater with unsurpassed safety, features and benefits.
  • The ability to drain your hot water lines throughout the building or just at the water heater with a quick quarter turn.
  • Ports are designed for descaling to protect the life of your Noritz system
  • Emergencies are handled with quick quarter turn ball valve shut-offs for total isolation of your system in seconds.

IK-WV-200-1-SW: Sweated / IK-WV-200-1-TH: Threaded

IK-WV-200-1-SW-LF: Sweated for  State of Vermont  & Southern CA only

IK-WV-200-1-TH-LF: Threaded for  State of Vermont  & Southern CA only