New NAECA Energy Standards are Coming.

Are you ready for the changes coming April 16, 2015?

What’s NAECA?

The National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA) is a United States Act of Congress that regulates energy consumption of specific household appliances. A new update to these guidelines was enacted in 2010 to increase minimum efficiency standards in tank water heaters. Coming April 16th a new set of standards will go into effect.

New NAECA Requirements

In order to meet efficiency standards tank dimensions will require change to meet standards.

  • The height of new tank units may be 2 or more inches taller.
  • The diameter of new tanks may increase by 2 or more inches wider.

Tankless is the NAECA Solution



Introducing the EZTR40. The direct 40 gallon tank replacement.

Installs in Same Time as Tank
Utilizes Existing B Vent

1/2 Inch Gas Line
Direct 40 Gallon Tank Replacement

Top Mounted Water Connections Like Tank
Revolutionary Tankless Installation Procedure

How It Works


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