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The Noritz EcoTOUGH, ProTOUGH and ValueSolutions tankless hot water heater product lines all offer a number of energy savings opportunities and incentives. No matter which Noritz instant hot water heater you select for your home, you can expect a return on your investment.

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The energy savings and benefits include:

  • Savings up to 40% on your monthly heating bill (as compared to a traditional tank hot water heater)
  • Noritz high efficiency tankless water heaters consume 40% less energy than a standard tank water heater unit.
  • A Noritz tankless water heater over time pays for itself in energy savings while adding to the value of your home.
  • Energy StarĀ® federal and local tax rebates

The SoCal Gas Company rebate on qualifying tankless water heaters for 2013:

  • $200 rebate for models with an EF of 0.90 or higher
  • $150 rebate for models that meet a minimum EF of 0.82
  • Must be replacing a conventional tank-type water heater
  • Must be a current SoCal Gas customer

More information on the SoCal Gas website
FAQ's about 2013 So Cal Gas Rebates

ARIZONA SOUTHWEST GAS REBATE - Save up to $450 on Natural Gas Tankless Water Heaters!
The Southwest Gas Company offers rebate on qualifying Natural Gas tankless water heater:

  • Due to limited funding, please submit your rebate application ASAP after installation
  • Completed rebate application with documentations must be postmarked within 60 days of purchase
  • Products must be installed before submitting a rebate application
  • Application will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis

More information on the Arizona Southwest Gas Rebate