Vs. Volume Water Heater


Stainless Steel Casing: Allows Noritz to be cleaned and sanitized and protectedf from its surroundings. NSF approved.


Modular: The Noritz modular system is based on a single, self-contained, interchangeable unit that can combine and communicate with like units to meet any hot water demand.


Small Size and Versatile Intallation: Noritz heaters take up less than 3 square feet of space and can be installed inside or outside, on walls or racks.  


Ease of Installation: Noritz heaters are smaller and lighter than conventional commercial heaters. They have full diagnostics for easy maintenance and repair. Most parts of the heater can be replaced and are plug and play for quick repairs.


Redundancy: Any one of the Noritz commercial units on a multi-system can be taken offline and serviced without compromising your business. Hot water will still be provided by the other units.