A series of successful installations has made construction manager Cliff Holden a big believer in tankless water heating systems for the school-building projects he oversees. Since 2007, the 15-unit Burlson (Texas) Independent School District (BISD) has erected six new educational facilities under Holden's direction. and the latest three have all featured multiple-unit, tankless solutions - in no small part because he wholeheartedly championed the idea.

The newest of these projects is also the largest and most complex: the 550,000-square-foot Centennial High School in Burleson, about 12 miles due south of Fort Worth. Centennial's hot-water delivery strategy features three multi-unit systems, encompassing a total of 25 tankless water heaters from Noritz America; These units feed food-service and culinary kitchens as well as locker=room sinks and showers in the main building; plus locker room facilities in the adjacent, standalone, indoor-practice field house.



Location: Burleson Centennial High School
City:  Burleson (Fort Worth), TX 


Location: 25 Noritz tankless water heaters in three, multi-unit systems installed indoors. The units in each of the three systems are connected in tandem with one another, and each system is operated by its own controller.
Applications:  Main Building - (1) prep kitchen for student lunches; (2) culinary arts kitchen for classes; (3) locker rooms for basketball and volleyball teams, as well as restrooms and locker areas for physical education classes.
Indoor practice facility - (1) locker rooms for varsity and junior varsity football and softball teams; (2) hydrotherapy rooms; (3) laundry facilities


Noritz units:
Main building / kitchens: Six N-0841MC
Main building / gym facilities: Nine N-1321M-ASME
Indoor practice facility: Ten N-1321M-ASME
Noritz accessories:  System Controllers (SC-201-12M)
Fuel type: Natural gas
Gas consumption:
Main building / kitchens: Max. 1,199,400 btuh – Min. 11,000 btuh
Main building / gym facilities: Max. 3,420,000 btuh – Min. 22,500 btuh
Indoor practice facility: Max. 3,800,000 btuh - Min. 22,500 btuh
Flow rate performance:
Main building / kitchens: 0.5 – 66.6 GPM
Main building / gym facilities: 0.7 – 118.8 GPM
Indoor practice facility: 0.7 - 132.0 GPM
Temperature settings: 100-180 degree F
Warranty: 5 years on heat exchanger and parts (non-prorated)

Case Study

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