CASE STUDIESSmokey Bones Restaurant

A perfect case study opportunity was presented to Noritz when two were two nearly identical full service Smokey Bones Restaurants in Buffalo, NY needed water heating systems. One location would install high-efficiency Noritz commercial heaters and the other would install efficient tank type water heaters. Both systems received water from the same source, and both were set at 135°F.   


Two sets of gas and water consumption meters were installed to monitor both restaurants to compare the gas used per gallon of water heated. Not only did the Noritz system save on gas consumption, but the efficiency results were also clearly shown in the diverging curves in the graph (see graph below). It was evident that the tank's decreased efficiency over time increased the gas usage whereas the Noritz curve was very flat.
During the study, the Noritz units consumed 16% less gas to heat the same volume of water than the tank system. This equates to over USD 700 in savings* during the 7.5 month period at the location with the Noritz commercial water heating system.
*Saving calculation based on current U.S. average gas price of  USD 8.59/1,000 cubic feet.


Location: Smokey Bones Restaurant
City: Buffalo, NY


Noritz location: Indoor installation (mechanical room)
Tank system location: Indoor installation (mechanical room)


Noritz units: Two N-1321M-ASME
Fuel type: Natural gas
Gas consumption: Max. 236,000 btuh – Min. 21,000 btuh each
Flow rate performance: 0.7 – 8.4 GPM each
Temperature settings: 100-180 degree F
Warranty: 5 years on heat exchanger and parts (non-prorated)
Tank system units: Two efficient tanks
Fuel type: Natural gas
Gas input: 199,000 btuh each
Storage: 100 gallons each
Temperature settings: 80-180 degree F
Warranty: 3-year warranty, 1 year parts

Case Study

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