CASE STUDIESPark Plaza Apartments

RNPH Properties, LLC, owners of the Park Plaza Apartments in Fort Worth, TX., switched to a Noritz commercial water heater after experiencing constant water heating issues and frequent call-backs (on service) with the two (199,000 Btu, 100 gal.) commercial tank water heaters that were previously installed. Since switching to a Noritz commercial system, the water heating issues have been resolved and the property owners’ are seeing annual savings of about USD 4,000 on their water heating costs. 
The ASME certified Noritz commercial water heater system was the perfect solution for the apartment complex, where hot water is an essential part of the tenants’ comfortable living experience. Not only will the system meet the hot water demand of the building, but it will also heat the water efficiently, reducing energy consumption significantly, which equals water heating costs savings for the property owner.
Redundancy is also possible with a Noritz commercial water heater, so should any one of the units (in a multi-system setup) need any maintenance or repairs performed, this can be done without compromising the tenants’ hot water usage. The other units on-line will still provide hot water, while the troubled unit is being serviced. Should the units need servicing, the components are modular therefore parts can be easily replaced and repaired. With the added features, benefits and cost savings with the Noritz commercial units, the switch turned out to be a great investment for the property owner.  Both property owner and tenants are extremely satisfied with the Noritz commercial water heating system.


Location: Park Plaza Apartments
City: Fort Worth, TX
Installer: RSD Plumbing, Inc


Location: Indoor installation (mechanical room)
Application: 64 (1 bed/1 bath) units, 8 (2 beds/2 baths) units, and 6 washing machines
Vent set-up: Category III Stainless Steel (Vertical, approx. length 3 ft.)


Noritz units: Four NC380-SV-ASME
Noritz Accessories: Isolator Valves (IK-WV-9)
Fuel type: Natural gas
Gas consumption: Max. 380,000 btuh – Min. 22,500 btuh
Flow rate performance: 0.7 – 13.2 GPM
Temperature settings: 100-180 degree F
Warranty: 5 years on heat exchanger and parts (non-prorated)

Case Study

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