CASE STUDIESAleia's Gluten Free Bakery

Jim Snow and his wife, Kim used to own a restaurant called Aleia's which served gluten-free bread, because Kim could not eat foods with gluten. The bread became so popular that they decided to close the restaurant and open up a bakery instead. Their current largest customer is Whole Foods in the Northeast area. 

Aleia’s went with the Noritz ASME model to comply with local codes, but it also came with one of the best tankless warranty coverage for commercial applications – 5 years, non-prorated. The owner could have gone with a less expensive glass-lined tank water heater, but did not want to risk buying something that would not last as long. Since it is a bakery, Appleby Plumbing & Heating recommended the direct vent model to prevent any damage to the heater by the our in the surrounding air.


Four Noritz heaters supply hot water for 2 kitchen sink areas, plus one large dishwasher for the rolling baking racks. The dishwasher alone has a 65 gallon hot water tank that needs to be pre-heated, plus it requires 16 gal/min rinse cycle. The temperature on the Noritz is set at 140 degrees, and is boosted up to 150 degrees by a built-in boiler on the dish washer. The kitchen sinks need 140 degrees per code and is reduced to 110 degrees for the hand sinks. The fifth Noritz unit was installed toward the front of the building. This unit is used for supplying hot water to mix in with the dry baking ingredients, which is set at 180 degrees, and then temperature is reduced precisely by a flow meter control. Relocating this unit was possible due to its small versatile size, and eliminated the need for a recirculation system that would have run constantly if it were on a tank-type water heater.

The owner is looking forward to many years of service from the Noritz units and is expecting payback from the energy savings in about 3 years. Also, space savings was a huge bonus, since the bakery needs all the space it can get for baking. The owner is extremely satisfied and happy with the heaters and will look to Noritz again when they expand in the near future.



Location: Aleia's Gluten Free Bakery
Branford, CT
Property size:
6,000 sq/ft
Appleby Plumbing & Heating


Location: Back of the bakery and next to the ingredients mixer
Two kitchen sinks and dishwasher (4 Noritz units), Two hot water ingredient sinks (1 Noritz unit)
Vent set-up:
Four horizontal vent kits, VT4-TS (4 Noritz units) and a vertical vent-run (1 Noritz unit) 


Noritz units: N-0931M-DV-ASME (equivalent model NC250-DV-ASME)
Noritz accessories: Isolator valves (IK-WV-5-TH) and multi-system controller (SC-201-6M)
Fuel type: Natural gas
Gas consumption: Max. 250,000 btuh – Min. 11,000 btuh
Flow rate performance: 0.5 – 11.1 GPM
Temperature settings: 100-180 degree F
Warranty: 5 years on heat exchanger and parts (non-prorated).

Case Study

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