CASE STUDIESMiyako Hybrid Hotel

The seven-story Miyako Hybrid will include amenities like a full-service shiatsu spa and a Japanese restaurant. On its rooftop there are solar panels installed and other energy-efficient features to be considerate of environment and energy saving. All 208 guest rooms are equipped with Japanese-style soak tubs, which called for a high-demand hot water system. Their choice was the energy-efficient Noritz commercial water heater, since the first Miyako Hotel has been extremely satisfied with the same Noritz system.

The new Miyako Hybrid Hotel has a total of 14 Noritz units.  Eight Noritz N-1321M-ASME commercial water heaters are installed on the roof top supplying endless hot water to 208 guest rooms.  The other six units are on the ground level providing hot water to the spa and restaurant.  The Noritz system helped contribute to the hotel’s Silver LEED certification due to its higher efficiency over traditional water heating system.


Location: Miyako Hybrid Hotel
City: Torrance, CA
Max. occupancy: 208 guest rooms 


Location: Outdoor installation, ground level and roof top.
Applications: 208 showers, tubs, sinks, 7 mop rooms, spa and restaurant.
Vent set-up: Outdoor vent cap (VC-132).


Noritz units: System #1: Eight N-1321M-ASME, System #2: Six N-1321M-ASME
Noritz accessories: Isolator valves (IK-WV-9-TH) and System Controllers (SC-201-12M)
Fuel type: Natural gas
Gas consumption:
System #1: Max. 3,040,000 btuh – Min, 22,500 btuh
System #2: Max. 2,280,000 btuh – Min, 22,500 btuh
Flow rate performance:
System #1: 0.7 – 105.6 GPM
System #2: 0.7 – 79.2 GPM
Temperature settings: 100-180 degree F
Warranty: 5 years on heat exchanger and parts (non-prorated)

Case Study

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