Words Matter

Posted on December 3, 2013 by noritz

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Noritz is committed to sustainability and green building practices, so we stay on top of trends to best serve our builder customers with their tankless water heater needs. Like a lot of you, we’re working to keep abreast of the changing language of green building.

Understanding Shorthand

How do we talk about what we do? Do we adopt industry jargon? Do we use shorthand terms that mean a lot to us, but often confuse the very people we must communicate with, the home-buying consumer? The unfortunate answer – probably.

Home building has its own shorthand: terms that describe the type of builder, the type of home, etc. A lot of new language emerged more than a decade ago, as home building – planners, architects, regulators, code officials, builders and allied professions – learned the terms of green building.
We talked about energy efficiency, indoor air quality, recycled content, solar panels, water conservation, and more. “Green building” was the umbrella that covered all the various ways to become a “green builder” and construct homes that lived lighter on the planet. Good stuff, to be sure, but…

Talking Consumer

The big mistake with this list of green descriptors? None helped home buyers understand the value inherent in green homes. The good news: With experience, language evolves and the terms come to reflect the genuine benefit to the ultimate consumer.

The changing language of green building finally has landed on a more meaningful descriptor: “high-performance homes.”

What builder doesn’t want to be known as the firm that brings to market high-performance homes? We believe that our tankless water heater products can give builders a progressive edge with high performance technology and space saving benefits.

And what home buyer could ever object? Who wouldn’t want a home that requires less energy to heat and cool, while conserving water and promoting natural ventilation and healthy indoor air quality? The list goes on and on when the language umbrella is big enough.

Words matter. Make sure you’re using the ones that matter to the only person who matters – your customer.

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