Noritz Offers Top Water Heater Installation Service

Posted on June 6, 2013 by noritz

Tankless water heaters offer added luxury, less energy usage and big savings. Now Noritz, the leading tankless water heater company, is also making finding an installer a snap with their Installer Locator.

More homeowners are turning to top quality tankless water heaters made by Noritz. The idea of having virtually unlimited hot water, is just too good. Tankless water heaters don’t rely on pre-heating a reservoir of water, instead heating it on demand as it moves through the heater toward you. So with Noritz you’ll never run out of hot water halfway through your shower again – but did you know Noritz also helps you find a water heater installer?

For many homeowners, this is the biggest hesitation before making the jump to a tankless water heater. Many DIYers feel comfortable handling traditional water heater installation themselves, and it’s easy to find handymen who can install a tank-style water heater. But Noritz makes it easy to find qualified installers who specialize in tankless ones – no matter where you live. As a free service to all customers, Noritz will help you locate a qualified professional in your area – someone who has been trained and certified by Noritz and will do the job right.

A Noritz tankless water heater is essentially a small, highly efficient unit that circulates water through a heater as it is drawn toward the faucet. That means that proper water heater installation involves two main things:

  • Routing the water. Your cold water supply will need to be routed into the tankless heater, which in itself essentially is a series of water pipes inside a heater. The unit’s output will also need to be routed back into the hot water pipe that leads on to the rest of the house.
  • Heat. A tankless heater uses burners powered by either natural gas or propane gas to heat the water. Thus, the gas line will need to be safely and properly installed into the unit.

Unlike a traditional water heater, a Noritz can be installed in the basement or located elsewhere in the house. It’s wall mounted and can even be placed on the outside of the home.

Noritz tankless heaters are becoming more popular because they are more energy efficient, save you more money, and add a new standard of luxury to your home. By connecting you with trained water heater installation professionals, Noritz has effectively taken out the last barrier for the average homeowner.

Are you considering going tankless?

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